I’ve recently been digesting infuriating facts about tax havens, especially from this 83-page pdf by Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

Three of the most disgusting details are:

1. Tax Justice Network estimates $500 billion in tax is avoided by multinational corporations annually. International Monetary Fund says the figure is $600 billion. Approximately 10% of the world’s GDP is hiding in tax havens.

What’s the result?

2. “Almost every person in almost every country in the world foots the bill incurred by tax abusers. People suffer needlessly poor public services, needlessly deep inequalities, needlessly high rates of death, needlessly weak and…

“Wealth Tax” aka, a “taxing the rich” is presently being considered in the USA as a path to generating government revenue and — more importantly — as a reform policy to lessen the widening gap between billionaire elites and the working class / sinking middle class. A recent poll claims 56% of the American public sees this as a remedy to combat the increasing inequality.

“Wealth Tax” isn’t a simple, agreed-upon equation. There are multiple versions of it, and, of course, many experts who oppose entirely any suggestion of the proposal.

Below I list fifteen opinions, throughout history, ranging from…

Huey Long, aka “The Kingfish” aka “the Karl Marx of the Hillbillies” was a radical populist champion of the rural poor who served as Louisiana governor from 1928–32, and US Senator from 1932 until his assassination in 1935 when he was only 42 years old.

The charismatic, larger-than-life Long was the 3rd most famous American at his death, after FDR and Charles Lindberg. His unrealized goal was to challenge Roosevelt for the presidency in 1936 with his “Share Our Wealth” policy ideas that pushed considerably farther left then the New Deal. Long attacked large, powerful corporations, especially Standard Oil, and…

Montreal’s RESO — Underground City

Underground Cities will be a reality in the human future, for multiple reasons. Many of us, especially claustrophobes, view this prediction with horror and disgust, but that’s unnecessary. Subterranean existence has been wildly successful for many species like earthworms, gophers, ants; homo sapiens might be the next ecstatic burrowers.

Who’s happier than a meerkat, really? If we dig deeply enough into the soil, perhaps we can achieve the giddy socialization of the chatty Kalahari mobs that are feminist and cooperative models of altruism.

Why would humanity descend into the bowels of the earth? Here’s four catastrophic reasons:

  • Escaping Nuclear Bombs…

Henry George and Thomas Piketty are hugely similar in two important ways:

1) Both George’s treatise Progress and Poverty (1879) and Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century (2014) were international best-selling economics books in their era.

2) Both thinkers were primarily interested in reducing inequality via egalitarian access to finances; they both wanted to narrow the wealth gap with progressive reforms.

George and Piketty desired the same result, but their proposals to achieve this differed. Interest in Piketty’s solutions, delineated recently in his Capital and Ideology (2019), have renewed consideration of George’s ideas.

Below I have presented ten policies of…

by Hank Pellissier

Want to live in a giant skyscraper, connected via sky-rail to multiple other towers? Everything you need is just an elevator ride away: stores, restaurants, theaters, work stations, swimming pools, parks and farms? Plus, it’s “green”?

Vertical cities are being designed to accommodate 25,000+ people; the best samples — inhabited or opening-soon — are in East Asia.

Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world with the second fastest elevators. It will have nine low carbon footprint cylindrical 128-stories-high towers. The exterior features 270 wind turbines, a glass skin to reduce electric needs, and buffer…

by Hank Pellissier


“Geo” refers to “Georgism” — the economic theories of Henry George (1839–1897) who advocated a single tax on land value to promote social equity and increased productivity. George was a prominent leader of the USA’s “Progressive Era” — his humanitarian ideas were praised by Sun Yat Sen, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. …

Question: Hello Michael. What’s your ‘day job’ and how did you get involved with the California National Party?

Michael Loebs: I’m a lecturer in the Political Science department at San Francisco State University, where I focus primarily on the development and breakdown of what’s generally called “Western” political thought. I got involved with the California National Party because I’m a native Californian concerned about the future of my home, and I believe California independence is both possible and necessary. …

Interview of Dr. Chris Hables Gray by Hank Pellissier

“Yes (sort of),” says Chris Hables Gray, a “pragmatic anarchist feminist revolutionary” who works as a lecturer of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He believes “devolution” of large nations into smaller regions will improve democratic decision-making.

Is ‘global devolution’ attracting adherents? A recent survey of futurists predicted “Abolition of Government” in the next 100 years, with an additional 15.% foreseeing “Thousands of Small Fractured States.”

I interviewed Dr. Gray via email on this controversial topic. Our e-dialogue is below:

Hank Pellissier: hi Chris — can you tell…

first published in 2012 by Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology

Are we hurting our noggins? Internationally, are there social customs, diseases, pollutants, school policies, parental choices, drugs, diets and philosophies that cause, or are correlated with, decreased intelligence? Here are fourscore-and-a-trio of the mind-mangling menaces. A preponderance of the fearsome factors have undergone scientific scrutiny, with statistics filed in the massive archives of pubmed.gov.

prenatal — damaged before you’re delivered

Cousin Marriages — “Consanguineous” marriages between cousins or relatives more than triples the rate of mental retardation. One study shows an average IQ drop of 7 points; another reveals a loss of 11.2 points.


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